High Rise Passenger Lifts

The Background

A 62-storey commercial skyscraper in London in London’s financial district with a bank of eight double decker high rise passenger lifts required a host of services, including weighing the lift cars and counterweights, plus fitting new main suspension ropes, lift car and counterweight diverters, and new wrap diverter and machine alignment.

After previous work with the client and following a successful tender, the team at ReRopes were assigned to the job.

The project

With the eight lifts serving 26 floors and having a counterweight, lift car and compensation rope system with a mass static load of approximately 24,000kg, ReRopes needed to develop a safe system of work and implement it into a live working building. To do this, the team invested in specialty lifting and testing equipment.

To ensure minimal disruption to the building’s tenants, the ReRopes team had to adhere to a strict programme and set of deadlines. Before work could begin, shaft scaffolding was erected by H&J Scaffolding Services and supervised by the team.

Once safe for the engineers to begin work, the lift car and counterweight were suspended using special rated lifting gear. The team removed the main ropes from the machine after rigging, using secondary safety slings and additional safety fail safes to ensure maximum security, and the lift car and counterweight were weighed with the Henning Weight Watcher LSM-XL system to ensure the correct balance between the car and counterweight.

The lift car and counterweight diverter pulleys were renewed, the machine wrap diverter was replaced, and the team aligned the machine Finally, the lifts were fitted with a special Tesac Shinko wire rope.

Once all was completed, focus turned to the other seven lifts, with work scheduled for completion in 2023.