Crane Rope

Steel wire rope for all types of cranes including tower cranes, mobile cranes, telescopic cranes, truck mounted cranes, loader cranes, overhead cranes, ports cranes, offshore cranes and more.

ReRopes supplies some of the most durable wire ropes available on the market, including mobile crane rope. We understand that choosing the correct type of rope for the right type of crane is no easy task, which is why we thoroughly recommend contacting our team to discuss your rope requirements – this includes checking the exact make and model of the crane you intend to use the rope for.

Mobile cranes are often used in place of tower cranes and other crane types due to their mobility and size. Despite their additional mobility, mobile cranes can still withstand a huge amount of weight and their performance is not compromised in any way by their mobility. Mobile cranes are most commonly used in the construction and maintenance of buildings, highways towers and pipelines. Please note that all mobile plant equipment should be used with caution

Selecting the right rope for your requirements

Different types of wire rope can be used for different applications and different ropes will each have their own strength and benefits. For example, some ropes may be fatigue resistant whilst others focus on crush resistance.

The more crush resistant a rope is the less resistant it will be to fatigue. It is also important to note whether the rope will be used as the main hoist, auxiliary hoist, or boom hoist. This will have a major impact on the type of rope you will need to use. For example, a main hoist rope will require a rope with high breaking/crushing force and good bendability. It should also be recommended for high heights of lift.

Steel cable health & safety

Health and safety is of vital importance when you’re dealing with potentially heavy loads. It is extremely important that you fully understand the proper installation of wire rope on your mobile crane. You should always make sure the mobile crane rope is free from twists and that the rope is always stored safely including that the rope is spooled tightly to the drum.

Mobile cranes require the use of boom hoist ropes, which help anchor the main hook suspended on a telescopic boom. It is essential that you check boom hoist ropes regularly. Due to functioning at a higher bend ratio than most other wire ropes, boom hoist ropes are more likely to be subject to more wear and tear.

You should always check the rope surface is properly clean from any lubricant to make sure you can inspect it properly. Things to look out for include crushing damage or broken wires at cross over points, as well as wire fatigue breaks at the equalizer sheave and in the reeving.  For more information on how to inspect boom hoist ropes, please refer to the ASME B30.5 Safety Standard for Mobile Cranes for additional guidance.