High Performance Ropes

The continuing technical progress in the elevator industry, which includes larger and faster installations in conjunction with smaller sheaves, has raised the demands on hoist ropes. Our supplier, Gustav Wolf, has already acted on this trend by developing new ropes in diameters of less than 8mm and has also introduced a new generation of elevator ropes designed to mean the increasing demands of existing and new installations for diameters larger than 8mm.

The result is CompactTrac and PowerTrac, which feature:

  • Increased service life; through greater bending resistance
  • Higher wear resistance; the larger surface area of the outer strands leads to better seat in the groove of the traction sheave, reuslting in a reduction of the concentrated (point) load on the elevator ropes.
  • Reduction elongation; through the higher metallic cross-section, the elongation properties of the ropes are considerably improved, which reduces labour required for rope shortenings.
  • Smaller diameters; with their higher breaking loads it may be possible to achieve cost savings on new installations through the use of smaller diameter ropes.