Repair & Refurbishment

We can provide a quick and efficient turnaround refurbishment and repairs of all sheaves, diverters, gear units, motors and more. Our proven formed partnerships with the best repair workshops in the lift industry ensures we can return your customer’s lift back to service promptly and effectively.

With technical engineers based across the country, we can provide the following services:

  • Complete gearbox and motor refurbishments.
  • Overhaul and re-calibration of overspeed governor units.
  • Elevator sheave regrooving and replacement.
  • Lift motor re-wind and bearings renewals.
  • Brake refurbishment.
  • Manufacture gear and motor beds plates and rafts, fully machined to your specification.
  • Supply and modify adaptor plates for gears and motors.
  • Bolt, line and level motors to gears.
  • Fitting of new gears and motors, with laser line plumbing and aligning.
  • Removal of suspension ropes to allow specialist third party armature and commutator works.

With the highest level of customer service a key objective, we strive for customer satifaction ensuring that every job has our personal attention, no matter the size. If you have a requirement, get in touch with the team today to discover how we can help.