Supply & Fit

With a wealth of highly trained engineers across the country, we are able to attend site and undertake a full survey of ropes, chains and associated pulleys or sprockets, providing you with a written quotation for the works required. Once your lift has been returned to service, our engineers will check for correct operation and should you require your own company specific paperwork, for each job undertaken our engineers will obtain site signoff. You will receive copies of all rope or chain certificates, plus your client specific paperwork via email.

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Technical Service

With years of knowledge and experience and highly trained engineers based across the country, ReRopes can offer technical guidance and assistance.

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Repair & Refurbishment

We can provide a quick and efficient turnaround refurbishment and repairs of all sheaves, diverters, gear units, motors and more. Our proven formed partnerships with the best repair workshops in the lift industry ensures we can return your customer’s lift back to service promptly and effectively.

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